In this project-based course, students pitch, design and implement interactive media projects as part of the IHart project currently in progress.


  • Basic computer vision techniques
  • Industry-style communication practices
    • Documents
      • Pitch documents
      • Milestone/design documents
      • Status reports
    • Presentations
      • Status/progress reports (a la Agile development methodology)
      • Final project presentation


Warmup mini-project

In the first 2 weeks of the semester, you will learn about the existing infrastructure for creating computer vision-based projects in Flash before creating your own mini-project showcasing the technology.

Main project

Your main project has very little guidelines as I want you to be the creative force behind it! The only requirement is that it be substantial enough for a semester-long project and provide a user interaction that is non-traditional (i.e., not just a keyboard and mouse).

You may work in groups, but the design document must clearly designate who is responsible for specific elements in the project.

You will be responsible for

  • project pitch document
  • milestone and design document
  • weekly status reports (written and oral presentation)
  • final implementation and presentation


  • Warmup mini-project 10%
  • Written work (pitch and milestone/design documents) 25%
  • Weekly status reports (written and presented) 10%
  • Main project 55%

The breakdown of the main project's grading will depend on your particular milestone breakdown; we will sit down and agree on this on a per-project basis.

Honor code

Reminder: we are under the Honor code While I encourage you to talk to your class mates about your projects and written work, I also have to remind you that all the work that you submit should be yours! It is against the honor code to have somebody else do the assignment for you (including tutors) or to copy it from somewhere else (including books or the internet).

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