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Apr. 26 -- CS lunch: Awards luncheon

Please join us as we celebrate our graduating seniors!!

We also be awarding our Book Prize and recognizing the special accomplishments of our many students who contribute to the vitality of the department, both academically and with service.

Also, find out more about the CS Club and all the exciting events they have to offer!


Apr. 19 -- CS lunch: Jerod Weinman, Grinnell College

Teaching Computers to Read

Is your smart phone smarter than a fifth grader? Not yet. Accurately translating a photograph of text into a digital text representation has been confounding computational scientists for well over a century. Humans (even fifth graders) still outperform computers at reading. In this talk, I review why the problem is so difficult and present a probability model that learns to recognize text in images of everyday scenes.

Apr. 12 -- CS lunch: Milka Doktorova '10, Dartmouth College

Multiword Search

Success in searching the internet often depends on finding the "right" set of query words: Few or common words often result in a large number of hits; larger sets of words result in zero hits. Multiword search is the problem of finding the combinations of words that give a small, but non-zero, number of results. The brute-force solution to this problem runs in exponential time, so we model the problem as constructing a simplicial complex that captures the interaction of words in the space of webpages. Generalizing, we present an oracle-based framework for constructing simplicial complexes within abstract topological spaces. I will introduce all terminology and present an implementation of the multiword search framework that interfaces with Google search.

Milka will also be available throughout the afternoon to talk with interested students and faculty.

Apr. 5 -- CS lunch: Angela Wang '13

Exchange semester in Mannheim, Germany: experiences and tips for those interested in study-away programs.

I had an amazing time studying abroad fall semester of my junior year in Mannheim University, Germany and would love to share my experiences and lessons learned. I have many stories on confronting the German culture and system, taking a variety of courses in German and English (CS and non-CS), squeezing time to travel in 7 European countries, joining student organizations and making friends, balancing coursework, cultural -- and also career!-- exploration, learning about myself and the world... I will also share tips on course planning, program choosing, and preparation for a study-away experience. Ah, such good times!

Mar. 29 -- CS lunch: Why major in Computer Science?

Learn about the courses being offered in CS, the research going on, and meet the students and faculty.

Mar. 13 -- Ajit Singh, University of Washington

Computational Biology faculty candidate
Time TBA

Mar. 9 -- Dan Sheldon, Oregon State University

Computational Biology faculty candidate
Time TBA

Feb. 29 -- Dan Knights, University of Colorado

Computational Biology faculty candidate
Time TBA

Feb. 23 -- CS lunch: Learning What To Say And How To Say It

Rebecca Mason, '09 Brown University

- and -

Feb. 23 -- CS lunch: What would you do differently?

Rebecca Mason, '09 Brown University

I posed the above question to a few dozen current PhD students (mostly women in Computer Science) and present the most honest, clever, and insightful responses that I received. Special attention is paid to how the experience of finding, applying, selecting, and attending the right graduate program is affected by individual factors such as intended area of study, career aspirations, personal circumstances, and the economy.

Thursday, February 23, 12:15pm
Kendade 307

Feb. 16 -- Graduate Student Panel

Melissa Frechette, '11 University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Bobby Simidchieva University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Christopher Andrews Carnegie Mellon MS Virginia Tech Phd, '11

Thinking about grad school? Unsure about what that entails? Should you get an MS or a PhD?

We will have a panel with Melissa Frechette (MHC '11, 1st year UMass grad student), Bobby Simidchieva (UMass graduate student in the thesis stage), and Christopher Andrews (CMU MS graduate and Virginia Tech Phd '11) who will discuss a variety of graduate school experiences and the various stages in a graduate student's life.

We hope you can join us for this panel that is sure to be highly interesting and informative!

Thursday, Feb. 16, 4:15 PM Kendade 305

Feb. 9 -- CS lunch: What is Research?

Discussion led by Audrey St. John, Felicia Cordeiro '12 and Rittika Shamsuddin '12

Thinking about grad school? Unsure about what that entails? Should you get an MS or a PhD?

Learn about options for graduate school and how an honors thesis can help you prepare for graduate school.

Thursday, February 9, 12:15pm
Kendade 307

Feb. 2 -- CS lunch: Study Away at AIT Budapest

Sam Tulimat, '13

Thursday, February 2, 12:15pm
Kendade 307