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Spaulding 2011

NEUCS 2012

Jessie Hamelin

Robot Control via Tablet and SmartPhone
(Research Project)

Jessie Hamelin, junior at Mount Holyoke College
Team Members: Jessie Hamelin and
This project controls a robot from a distant location using a tablet or smart phone, while also connecting two-way audio and video to provide a full telepresence experience. Telepresence is only one application of this technology; the software and hardware are easily adapted to control a variety of other robots with vastly different applications. The infrastructure is composed of an Android tablet connected to a Freeduino, which is in turn connected to the motors and servos of the robot. An Android application running on the tablet is controlled remotely through a website.

Poster: Telo poster pdf

Jingjing & Liye

NEUCS 2010


We are working on an autonomous wheelchair with the goal of offering patients who are unable to operate traditional power chairs an alternative option for independent mobility. The wheelchair has a mapping feature that allows the robot to create a map of its environment which it is then able to use to localize itself. The wheelchair has three drive modes with various levels of control spanning from purely manual to fully automated. In particular, "express mode" implements dynamic path-planning and obstacle avoidance, enabling the chair to drive the user to a specified location on the map. This project is being developed for clinical trials at Boston's Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital in collaboration with Dr. Dan Barry and Dr. William Kennedy at MobileRobots. Our team's responsibilities are to determine optimal parameter settings for the wheelchair's various drive modes and to test its performance in a real world setting. During testing, we uncover and address existing runtime issues, and develop comprehensive documentation for operating the wheelchair.



Spaulding Spring 2010

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